[Share] Cracked L2Adrenaline 1.71 - Lineage 2 Bot

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Download Link: EGN_Cracked_Adrenalin1.66.zip


This archive has changed its name from v1.71 to v1.66.
It still includes v1.71 without a file extension to try using if desired.
You will need to add .exe to the file name to try it.
You may want to enable view file extensions in windows folder properties.

There does not seem to be much difference between either version.
The reason for the downgrade is due to reports of some users failing to connect to verification server with 1.71.

Check README.txt for instructions on how to use.
Happy Botting!

Old archive (1.71) is missing one of the now included cracks and the 1.66 exe. mega.nz/#!2SJC1SxA!sbpiAJOnKUcWU6qu9yVrFEYmxTmaR_LxfgS_YOQVNec']

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