[Share] L2Walker IG 2.19c English - Free Lineage 2 Bot


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Download L2Walker2.19c_Free_En with included map files.

L2Walker2.19c free as released by original L2Walker developers. Maps included.
Should work from Kamael up to Goddess of Destruction. Have not tested on other servers other than EGNL2.

To use:

1. Open L2Walker.exe then click the Folder icon to browse for and select your Lineage II\System\L2.exe.

2. Click the blue "Run" button to load L2 with Walker injected.

'Home' key on your keyboard to open bot options.
'Insert' key to globally enable/disable L2Walker.
'End' Key Starts/Stops auto combat.

L2Walker creators have intentionally removed verification check in this final release. No crack necessary.


Staff member
I did alot of searching and was unable to find a working cracked OOG for windows 10.

I may have found version 10.9.3 which probably only works on windows XP if at all when properly configured for our server...

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